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What’s different about Neuroscience Behavior & Strengths Assessments?

There are many jobs that are performance based. Neuroscience has been proven to provide the insights necessary to help improve performance with specific way to help support a growth mindset while minimizing the barriers of a fixed mindset. 

Think about the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. People who exhibit the traits of the growth mindset will keep going in adversity and find ways to get the job done. People with a fixed mindset will hit a wall and give up or just fail to try. When we use behavior or strengths assessments on their own, neither can tell you how the individual will perform and what thinking is causing the lack of performance. Have you ever hired someone who was supposed to be the perfect fit, but something just didn’t work out or performance problems developed after the 90-day probationary time frame? 

If you said yes, from a behavioral standpoint, it was probably stress that caused this person to move into what is called back-up behavior. Back up behavior causes a person’s normal behavior style to become less effective as different levels of stress pile up on the individual.  Only neuroscience can tell you if the persons thinking and behavior could be impacted by high levels of anxiety.  Behaviorally the back up behavior can be observed but not identified in an assessment. 

From a strengths perspective the strengths coach might say the individual is either not using enough of their strengths or they could be over utilizing or under-utilizing certain strengths. The problems here is that neither of these tools can tell you when someone has hit a level that is now creating barriers to performance. This creates the need for self-discovery and advanced coaching skills to help one modify and adjust strengths and behaviors. This process takes anywhere from 90-180 days or more.

A Springboard Consulting NeuroPerformance coach or manager using neuroscience-based tools can see immediately what type of fit a person is for the role as compared to other top performers in the organization. 


Neuroscience allows us to build talent management strategies that are not based on capability assumptions on what makes a high performer.   Neuroscience allows us to hire using templates that are developed based on the top 10% performers in the role.  From these profiles of the top 10% we can then map the capabilities to the results and define with high levels of accuracy to validate any assumptions.  This guarantees that the individual has the  thinking that enables the capability to be executed for high performance.


From a coaching or performance improvement standpoint neuroscience can tell us exactly what sub-conscious drivers can be aiding performance and exactly what sub-conscious drivers are creating barriers resulting in added anxiety. When we address the specific patterns of performance thinking, the mindset can be traded up via customized mindset shifts and new perspectives that drive leadership, confidence, EQ, and systems thinking capability. Understanding how to modify the thinking and response neuron modifications reduces the anxiety and stress and allows the individual to find performance improvements of 10-30% in less than 60 days. In some cases, the coaching needed is only 3-4 weeks. Once the coaching is complete, the individual can continue the mindset techniques learned and eventually find the growth mindset shared by the top 10% of performers in any given role.

On a larger scale neuroscience can be used as the tool for a performance audit of an entire company to see if your culture embodies that growth or fixed mindset. This is a game changer for human capital management and performance management. Not only is it able to pinpoint departments that are costing the company money, but it can be utilized for trading up or re-positioning under performers to roles that are a better fit. This can bring huge savings in recruiting, onboarding, and revenue performance data measurement.

Behavioral and strengths-based tools are valuable but are not the same as measuring cognitive performance drivers via neuroscience. The speed, accuracy, and individualization for tailoring the performance improvement path is much more cost effective and the payoff is invaluable.

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