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Develop the skill and the will to be a top performer. Our clients include business owners and revenue generating champs who CONSISTANTLY out-sell their competition.

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For Sales Professionals And Entrepreneurs:

If you have done sales skills training combined with product and service knowledge and still have A, B, and C players; You need to build a Team of Champs with Sell Like A Champ. We want you to succeed so we bought the book already, which retails at $24.95.  You just pay for the shipping to receive it so that we can continue to give out as many as possible. 

"Evan Sanchez just wrote the definitive sales book to keep your sales off the ropes, and winning by unanimous decision! Read this book and move your sales from chump to CHAMP!"

-Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman, Host of Executive Perspectives on C-Suite TV, Primetime Television and Podcast Host

Crisp, concise, packed full of tactics to get the most out of yourself. Love the 10 points on developing the winning mindset.  Useful for sales and entrepreneurs. 
– Amazon Customer

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This book offers powerful thought provoking entrepreneurial insights, stories and strategies from a divers line up of 20 co-authors from around the world.  Chances are this book contains exactly what you need to excel your business into the top 5% in your category world-wide.

In the forward of Cracking The Rich Code, Kevin Harrington (the star of the hit TV show Shark Tank) says it all.

"If you have internal barriers your road to success will be slow and full of pain and struggle.  It's like driving with one foot on the gas and one foot on the brakes always wondering why you aren't getting anywhere.  Your mind is working against you instead of for you".

If you are feeling stuck or disappointed with your current results, or you simply want to take your business to the next level, then this book will show you how to do better...much better!


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High Performance Teams

Are you a business owner or sales leader dealing with lack luster growth, changing technologies or low engagement levels of engagement?

Have you...

* Tried sales training but had little to no results?

* Needed sales leadership training or sales enablement strategies?

* Thought about promoting your top sales representative to sales manager but are scared to lose revenue?

* Wondered how to replicate sales success and build a high performance team?

* felt trapped and worried you will lose money and/or cause problems if you do or don't promote them?



Average client results from this program are 50% or more in revenue GROWTH and up to 200% ROI!

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Wanted:  Sales Professionals Seeking Top Pay

Do you have the mindset of a Sales Champ?

Now that 50% of companies have a work from home (WFH) initiative, the capabilities of the A-Player in sales has changed.  

Not certified?  Then get ready to start at the bottom and prove your way to the top.  That's where the market is heading.  Decision makers want to know if you really do have the goods to produce.  Let us help you  prove it!

Becoming a "Certified Sales Champ" means you have scientific evidence and proof that your mindset is cream of the crop - validated by neuroscience. 

Validating you're in the top 10% of your field is your ace in the hole to a better career.

Let's get started. Get your certification ASAP!

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Elevating Business

C-Suite Best Seller TV & Sell Like A Champ

Life is about pivoting into the next level of performance and we teach you how to elevate your thinking in order to elevate your business. You have to “stack different mentalities and remove "stiniking thinking" in order to start adopting new mindsets.” In the book, Sanchez details the differences between selling like a champ, being a contender, and selling like a chump.


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