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Develop the skill and will to BE A CHAMP!

“Evan Sanchez has written a beast of a book on the psychology of selling. His years of experience will guide you step-by-step to success.”

—Steve Siebold, author, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class

 “Evan Sanchez just wrote the definitive sales book to keep your sales off the ropes, in the ring, and winning by unanimous decision!  Read this book and move your sales from chump to Champ!”

—Jeffrey Hayzlett, Chairman, Host of Executive Perspectives on C-Suite TV, Primetime Television and Podcast Host

In this game-changing book by Evan Sanchez, founder of Springboard Consulting, you’ll discover how to build the self-confidence necessary to eliminate the negative thinking patterns, behaviors and self-talk that is keeping you from reaching your full potential.  The high performance mindsets, behaviors and skills covered in this book show you exactly how to produce positive performance-enhancing thinking patterns.  We help you close performance gaps with tools, charts, assessments, and performance springboards that elevate results to produce long term success.

Here are some signs this book is for you:

·         You are the best and you want to continue to be the best.

·         You are not the best and want to be the best.

·         You are not achieving your sales or business goals and don’t wake up excited for the day.

·         You are constantly going to the negative and feeling hopeless, overwhelmed or depressed.

·         You suffer from LOF (Lack of Focus) and avoid challenges.

·         You apply new sales skills or methods but see no change in your performance.

·         You are doing your best to get by, day after day, with little pay.

·         You are a low to high performer and want to know what is like to be an “A player”.

Why is this Important?

Sales Champs “A players” produce 5 times what a “B player” can produce.  Sales Champs produce 10 times what a C player can produce.  If 80% of your revenue is coming from 20% of your sales-force, you have a sustainability, engagement and productivity problem that is costing you money.  Sell like a Champ will help you elevate your thinking so you can elevate your business and build a team of “A players”.


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